Allies & Partners

DFCR’s success would not be possible without the support and cooperation of numerous organizations and individuals.

From its earliest inception, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation received encouragement and support from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). In particular, retired Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann introduced DFCR founder Dr. Nathan to DPA Board member Dr. David Lewis at Brown University. Dr. Lewis’s hours of patient advice on practical first steps helped Dr. Nathan get the ball rolling in recruitment of key physicians. Amanda Reiman, Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy at DPA, also made valuable suggestions and introductions for DFCR. drug-policy-alliance
The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is another key ally of DFCR. Karen O’Keefe, Director of State Policies, has connected DFCR to several of her colleagues in MPP, including Matt Schweich and Jared Moffat. All have made valuable contributions to the success of DFCR. marijuana-policy-project
DFCR would also like to thank the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and especially their founder and Executive Director Rick Doblin, for assisting DFCR’s incorporation. They introduced DFCR to its outstanding Legal Counsel, Brian Muraresku. Pyschedelic Studies
The concept of DFCR owes much to Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), which has made valuable contributions through the collective wisdom of their leaders. Leap
TakeTwo Services helps nonprofit organizations use communications tools and strategies to tell their stories powerfully and persuasively and fundraise successfully to sustain and expand their work. Co-founder and partner Stephanie Arcella provided key assistance in DFCR’s initial fundraising efforts.   take-two
Laura Baird, owner of Laura Baird / Studio B, designed and developed our website and is DFCR’s go-to technical and graphics advisor. Laura Baird / Studio B
And finally, the DFCR leadership would like to recognize the quiet but essential contributions of Karen Nathan, MEd, CHC, health coach and wife of founder Dr. David Nathan. Ms. Nathan patiently tolerated Dr. Nathan’s long hours working on DFCR, and she has also contributed her time and wisdom to the development of the organization.  

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