Cannabis Influencers: Call on this doctor for the answers about the plant’s potential

Article excerpt

Monica Taing talks very fast.

Enthusiasm is her accelerator pedal as the 29-year-old pharmacist from Jersey City describes cannabis’ potential to expand the options for chronically ill people — especially those who are leery of using addictive opioids for pain and benzodiazepines for seizures, spasms and anxiety.

And when she’s explaining how marijuana stimulates the endocannabinoid system — the receptors in the body responsible for regulating and balancing immunity, metabolism and other functions — you can almost hear her smile through the telephone.

“If the ballot referendum passes in New Jersey, we can have pharmacists working with pmb’s (pharmacy benefit managers) and get this covered for patients because (cannabis) is prohibitively expensive,” Taing said in one breath. “We already know how to approach cannabis through harm reduction, tapering off unneeded medicine and reducing the health care burden on the financial side.”

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