Current Advocacy Campaigns

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DFCR has provided written testimony to support adult use cannabis in the state of Connecticut, “S.B.16 (2020), An Act Concerning the Adult Use of Cannabis.


DCFR is working with Bleeding Kansas Advocates to educate Kansas lawmakers, providing them with the research that informs best cannabis policy and regulation. Kansas lawmakers will be asked to decide between two medical cannabis bills. HB: 2740 is a highly restrictive bill based on the Ohio model and operates under five different government agencies. HB:2742 is a much more patient and business friendly model and is housed under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment exclusively.


DFCR has joined Mississippians for Compassionate Care to make medical marijuana available to Mississippians who have debilitating medical conditions in a legal and safe manner. Dr. Rachel Knox from Oregon, representing DFCR, was invited to speak in Jackson, MS, on the history, science, and market of medical cannabis.