Dasheeda Dawson: Office of Community & Civic Life Cannabis Program Introductory Statement – Portland, Oregon

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Dasheeda Dawson, MBA is CEO of The WeedHead™ & Company and author of top-selling workbook, How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry. A global cannabis advocate and industry thought leader featured across multiple outlets, including Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, Essence Festival and a historic Times Square billboard campaign, Dasheeda is a corporate-to-cannabis crossover pioneer and world-renowned cannabis business strategist with experience as an industry educator, senior executive leader and strategy expert for multiple cannabis businesses, political/municipality leaders and media outlets across the country. From Target to THC, she has over 15 years of business development, strategic management and brand marketing excellence while leading teams for United Way, Target Corporation, and Victoria’s Secret. Dasheeda received her MBA from Rutgers Business School and completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She is a co-host on She Blaze, a weekly cannabis culture and news podcast available on Soundcloud, iTunes and iHeartRadio. Additional affiliations within the cannabis industry include Chief Strategy Officer for Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM) and co-founder of Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium & Expo (CEASE). She was recently appointed to the Oregon Cannabis Commission – Governance Frameworking sub-committee.

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