Doctors for Cannabis Regulation Announces the Appointment of Dr. Rachel Knox

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Doctors for Cannabis Regulation Announces the Appointment of Dr. Rachel Knox

WASHINGTON, DC, May 21, 2020 — Certified cannabinoid medicine specialist, Dr. Rachel Knox has been appointed to the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) board of directors. Founded in 2016, DFCR is the first global organization specifically for doctors and healthcare professionals working to promote public health and further social justice through science-backed cannabis regulation. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Knox to our Board of Directors. Rachel will bring her unique skills as an internationally recognized educator on the new science of endocannabinology and sought-after practitioner of cannabis medicine,” says Dr. Bryon Adinoff, Executive Vice President. “Additionally, her in-depth knowledge of cannabis regulation promises to greatly benefit DFCR’s mission to legalize and regulate cannabis for medical and adult use.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with DFCR to advance the impact and recognition of medical professionals contributing to cannabis policy reform at both governmental and institutional levels, particularly as it relates to achieving health equity for our most vulnerable populations,” says Dr. Rachel Knox, who has served as a DFCR expert for two years. 

In addition to Dr. Knox, the organization boasts hundreds of respected physician members in nearly every US state and territory, including integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil and former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. Collectively, the group endorses a legalized and regulated cannabis market as the best way to ensure public safety, to combat the illicit market, and to roll back the negative consequences of strict enforcement policies on disadvantaged communities.


About Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA

Dr. Rachel Knox  is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine specialist who received her medical and business degrees from Tufts after completing her undergraduate studies at Duke University. She trained in family and integrative medicine before pursuing additional study in the areas of functional medicine, cannabinology (the study of the pharmacology of cannabinoids and other cannabimimetic substances), and endocannabinology (the study of the function, dysfunction and modulation of the most important physiologic system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system). As a cannabinoid medicine specialist and endocannabinologist, she has counseled several thousand patients in cannabis therapeutics. As a policy and regulatory consultant, Dr. Knox serves her home state of Oregon as chairperson for the Oregon Cannabis Commission, as a team member of the Cannabis Policy Oversight Team for Portland, Oregon, and as a member of the Oregon Cannabis Clinicians Group which she co-founded.

About Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

Doctors For Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) serves as a global voice for physicians and health professionals that support cannabis legalization and science-based regulation in the United States and abroad. As the first organization of doctors in the world to support full cannabis legalization, DFCR promotes cannabis education, global research and advocacy to support legislative changes necessary for improved public health, social justice & consumer protections. Learn more about the organization at


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