Kansas S.366 – Rachel Knox, MD (October 2019)

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Rachel Knox, MD, is a certified cannabinoid medicine specialist with the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM), building upon a background in family, functional, and integrative medicine. Along with her family, Dr. Knox founded the American Cannabinoid Clinics in 2015 to provide patients with comprehensive and functional care rooted in endocannabinology. As an educator and advocate, Dr. Knox travels the world to educate peer and lay audiences on the science of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, to share her experiences as a cannabis clinician, to advance the recognition of cannabinoid medicine and endocannabinology as relevant and essential emerging fields of medicine, and to ensure that health equity remains at the center of cannabis policy reform. As a policy and regulatory consultant, Dr. Knox serves her home state of Oregon as chairperson for the Oregon Cannabis Commission, as a team member of the Cannabis Policy Oversight Team for Portland, Oregon, and as a member of the Oregon Cannabis Clinicians Group which she co-founded; she has also helped develop model state and municipal cannabis legislation in her role as medical chair for the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

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