Physician perspective: Advance public health through the legalization and regulation of cannabis

DFCR expert Hugh Blumenfeld, MD, Ph.D. and DFCR Founder and board President David L. Nathan, MD make the case in an op-ed that,

This year, Connecticut has the opportunity to join the 15 states that have replaced the failed policy of cannabis prohibition with sensible and effective regulation. Now that the bill has advanced from the Judiciary Committee, we urge the Finance Committee to support Senate Bill 888, “An Act Responsibly and Equitably Regulating Adult-use Cannabis” and send it to the General Assembly floor for immediate consideration.

Legalization, by going beyond decriminalization, empowers regulators to implement common sense measures to control the cannabis industry, educate the public and consumers about possible risks, and thus advance public health. Regulation ensures cannabis products are tested for safety before they reach the hands of consumers. It also allows regulators to mandate warnings about the health risks of cannabis.

Read the op-ed at CT Mirror

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