Platform of Regulations

  • Government oversight of cannabis production, testing, distribution, and sales.
  • Detailed labeling of cannabis products, including (but not limited to) THC and CBD levels, dosing information, and ingredients.
  • Restrictions on marketing and advertising of cannabis products.
  • A ban on cannabis packaging and advertising that targets or attracts underage users.
  • Child-resistant packaging for cannabis products.
  • Penalties for adults who enable diversion of cannabis to minors.
  • Adult education about the use and misuse of cannabis.
  • Youth education about the risks of underage cannabis use.
  • Taxation of the cannabis trade – excluding purchases made with a clinician’s valid medical recommendation – to fund research, education, and community reinvestment.
  • Limited personal cannabis cultivation rights.
  • Protection of small businesses in a competitive cannabis industry.
  • Diversity in all aspects of the cannabis industry, rebuilding communities most affected by cannabis prohibition.

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