Laura Baird

Laura Baird (Web Designer and Developer) is the owner of Laura Baird / Studio B, based in Philadelphia, PA. Ms. Baird specializes in marketing solutions for small to mid-size businesses and cultural organizations. Ms. Baird holds degrees in electrical engineering from Duke University and graphic design from Mercer County Community College.


Stephen Carter (Operations Manager) is an administrative specialist with a background in information technology, a writer and editor, and political activist based in Waco, Texas. He has operated news organizations, managed political campaigns, and works with non-profits. He serves as a director for the board of Texas NORML. His priorities center around advancing civil liberties.


Brian Muraresku, JD (Legal Counsel) graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University, with a concentration in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. He earned a law degree from Georgetown University and was admitted to the New York Bar in 2005. His interest in social justice was sparked while working with Sudanese refugees for the United Nations agency in Cairo, Egypt. As a law student, he argued and won political asylum for a Guinean woman in federal immigration court. Muraresku then went on to successfully secure the permanent residence of a Colombian mother and her three daughters under the Violence Against Women Act, later assisting the repatriation of a Panamanian girl under the International Child Abduction Convention. Prior to his appointment as the founding Executive Director of DFCR, Muraresku served as a senior attorney for the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C., where he structured and negotiated microfinance transactions for underserved communities across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Antoinette O'Neil

Antoinette O’Neil (Financial Controller) is the Director of Human Resources & Financial Administration with the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). Antoinette holds a degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of New York and managed the bake shop in the world-renowned Boston Convention Center prior to joining LEAP.

Suzanne Wills

Suzanne Wills (Accountant) is a retired Certified Public Accountant. She graduated from Southern Methodist University, worked for Price Waterhouse, and had her own accounting practice in east Dallas. She has had an interest in drug policy from the time she was a teenager in the 1960s when drug policy was becoming a drug war. Ms. Wills is a board member of the Drug Policy Forum of Texas. She has a special interest in the historical and economic aspects of the drug war. She received the Virginia Macdonald Leadership Award from the League of Women Voters of Dallas for her efforts to bring the facts about drug policy to the attention of the public.